New Generation MIG Welding Fume Extractor Gun

General Information

AIRGOMIG is a high-quality, high-duty cycle, air-cooled MIG gun designed to perform in the most challenging welding environments and give precise welding results with consistent quality.

AIRGOMIG welding guns integrate the most efficient fume extraction system. This method provides a way to weld large parts without worrying about moving an arm or a nozzle around. With an equivalent vacuum source, the AIRGOMIG MIG gun offers a 15 to 65% higher airflow than competing products, thus improving fume extraction efficiency. No other fume extraction MIG guns on the market can reliably meet the ACGIH, OSHA & CCOHS air quality standards for harmful pollutants, such as manganese and hexavalent chromium.

In addition, the handle’s ball joint, reduced weight (5 to 25% lighter than similar products), and ergonomic design offer improved mobility and reduce the welder’s effort by adapting to all work positions for a more comfortable welding experience. The small front end also gives a better view of the process. Finally, the high airflow capacity in the gun minimizes heat build-up and results in a cooler, more comfortable operating temperature for welders. Overall, it is a lightweight and handy tool your welders will grow to love.

AIRGOMIG guns are also incredibly durable and are designed to avoid porosity. Its timeless design and versatility make it the perfect tool for welders.

Recommended Applications

MIG – Flux-Cored – Robotic Welding – Aluminum

AIRGOMIG will be the perfect fume extraction technology to replace standard or push-pull MIG guns. It is compatible with the vast majority of wire feeders. Three models are available: 300, 400, and 500 Amp. It can be used with 0.030” to 3/32” steel wire or 0.035” to 1/16” aluminum wire (with a Teflon liner).

Fume extraction at the source is often achieved using self-supporting capture hoods (flexible arms, magnetic nozzles, etc.), which require frequent repositioning. That can be an issue when the welder works with long and large pieces. With AIRGOMIG, there is no need to interrupt the job to reposition a hood, improving arc-on time and productivity. Therefore, AIRGOMIG is always our first recommendation for MIG or Fluxed-Core welding.

What About Manganese?

A study by Group Gesfor Poirier, Pinchin Inc., an air sampling company, demonstrates that the AIRGOMIG fume extractor manages to keep manganese concentrations in the welder’s breathing zone below the 0.02 mg/m3 threshold.

Goals Welding Fumes
ACGIH 3.00 (mg/m3) 0.020 (mg/m3)
Welding Fumes Manganese 
Solid Wire 0.69 (mg/m3) 0.015 (mg/m3)
Metal Core 0.45 (mg/m3) 0.010 (mg/m3)
Fluxed-Core 0.46 (mg/m3) 0.010 (mg/m3)

Our technology can help you comply with the current ACGIH threshold limit value of 0.02 mg/m3 of manganese oxide. Test results were satisfactory with various welding parameters and working positions.



  • 300 Amp
  • 100% with CO2 and 60% with Mixed Gas
  • Up to 8.5 kW with CO2
  • Up to 7.4 kW with Cool Mix
  • Up to 7.0 kW with Spray Mix
  • Up to 6.5 kW with Hot Mix
  • Up to 7.5 kW with Flux Core
  • Up to 6.4 kW with Metal Fill Flux Core


  • 400 Amp
  • 100% with CO2 and 60% with Mixed Gas
  • Up to 12.0 kW with CO2
  • Up to 10.0 kW with Cool Mix
  • Up to 9.0 kW with Spray Mix
  • Up to 8.5 kW with Hot Mix
  • Up to 11.0 kW with Flux Core
  • Up to 9.6 kW with Metal Fill Flux Core


  • 500 Amp
  • 100% with CO2 and 60% with Mixed Gas
  • Up to 15.0 kW with CO2
  • Up to 12.0 kW with Cool Mix
  • Up to 10.0 kW with Spray Mix
  • Up to 9.0 kW with Hot Mix
  • Up to 13.0 kW with Flux Core
  • Up to 11.0 kW with Metal Fill Flux Core

Detailed Specs

Best air-cooled fume extraction MIG gun on the market:

  • High-quality, high duty cycle (100% with CO2 and 60% with Mixed Gas) MIG welding gun
  • Best chance to meet ACGIH, OSHA & CCOHS air quality standards (airflow 15 to 65% higher than the competition)
  • Ideal distance from welding point and three-position handle top vent for porosity-free welding even in confined spaces
  • 5 to 25% lighter than similar products, ergonomic, and easy to use

Great design:

  • Highly resistant, ergonomic, and durable polymer handle with a 360° swivel ball-joint
  • Long-lasting copper alloy consumables for high conductivity, cool operation, and long life
  • Chrome-plated metallic outer neck tube provides added heat dissipation
  • Crush and heat resistant vacuum hose
  • Low friction liners provide exceptional wire feeding performance for consistent arc starts and weld stability
  • Coaxial power cables feature heavy-duty swaged copper connections for maximum conductivity and durability
  • Compatible with every wire feeder
  • Narrow front end for a better view of the process
  • High extraction flow rates minimize heat buildup for added comfort
  • Modern design Made in Canada
  • 12′
  • 15′
  • 0.030″
  • 0.035″
  • 0.045″
  • 0.052″
  • 1/16″
  • 5/64″
  • 3/32″
  • 0.035″
  • 0.045″
  • 1/16″
  • 45°
  • 45° long
  • 60°

Copper or Zirconium Copper

  • 1/2″
  • 5/8″
  • 3/4″
  • Kevlar protection
  • Leather protection

Exploded Views & Parts Numbers

Automated Valve


  • The vacuum starts instantaneously when the MIG gun trigger is pulled
  • The vacuum stops a few seconds after the trigger is released to capture residual fumes
  • Reduces initial investment by enabling more MIG guns per vacuum unit
  • Power savings by stopping vacuum when the MIG gun isn’t used
  • No external source of power required
  • Installed within a few minutes
  • Removes vacuum noise when not welding
  • No maintenance


AIRGOMIG (front) VS Standard Gun (back)

Unbreakable Handle

Highlighted Benefits

Ergonomic and Light

Thanks to the material used and the handle ball joint, using AIRGOMIG is very easy on welders.

Best Extraction Capacity

Tests have proven that the AIRGOMIG technology provides the best fume extraction potential.

No Porosity

The handle vent and extraction distance from the welding point prevent welding porosity.

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