AIRGOMIG fume extraction technology in brief:

Improved fume extraction efficiency

With an equivalent vacuum source, the AIRGOMIG MIG gun offers 5 TO 25% higher air flow  than competing products, thus creating improved fume extraction efficiency.

Higher pollutant extraction capacity

Higher fume extraction capacity offers welders improved protection from toxic smoke (welding smoke, manganese, hexavalent chromium, ozone, etc.)

A versatile MIG gun

AIRGOMIG offers several options in relation to welding power, gun length, gooseneck angles and welding wire diameters to meet all your MIG gun requirements.

A highly resistant and durable product

The air flow of the MIG fume extraction gun enables better cooling of the different components and extends their service life. It also facilitates continuous welding.

A light MIG gun that is easy to use

The ball joint, reduced weight : 5 to 25% lighter compared to similar products on the market and the ergonomic design of the handle offer improved mobility and reduce the welder’s effort by adapting to all working positions.

High-quality MIG welding without porosity

The AIRGOMIG fume extraction gun extracts the smoke efficiently at an ideal distance from the weld point, thus avoiding porosity. The decompression latch has three positions allowing adjustment of the MIG gun suction by simply moving your thumb when welding in tight spaces.

A product adapted to industrial health and safety standards

A study carried out by Le groupe Gesfor Poirier, Pinchin Inc., which is a specialized sampling company, demonstrates that the AIRGOMIG fume extractor manages to keep concentrations of  manganese in the welder’s breathing zone below the 0.02 mg/m3 threshold.

Technology made in Canada

From design to manufacturing, Airgomig MIG Fume extractor guns are developed on the Canadian soil.

Modern design

The flexible simplicity that adapts perfectly to any working position. A timeless design and versatility that make it the perfect ally of the welder. Subtle and elegant lines of curvature that offer the user optimal flexibility.

MIG gun application

Welding with or without extraction of toxic welding smoke


MODELCO2Cool mix
Argon<85% & CO2
Spray mix
Argon>85% & CO2
Hot mix
Flux Core CO2Metal Fill Flux Core
w/mix gas


The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) recommends maintaining a maximum manganese concentration of 0.02 mg/m3 in the welder’s breathing zone. Tests carried out using strict welding parameters have demonstrated that the AIRGOMIG MIG gun can meet exacting demands.

Welding fume (mg/m³)Manganese (mg/m³)
ACGIH Recommendations 3.000.020
Airgomig Data
Solid Wire0.690.015
Metal Core0.450.010
Flux Core0.460.010

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