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September is coming and Airgomig invites you to contact us to carry out  free trial directly at your premises.


You are looking for a new welding gun ? you want to increase your productivity ? or you want to protect the health of your welders ?


You have the opportunity to try the NEW Airgomig MIG Fume Extractor Gun which is the most performant welding gun on the market. It’s also the ONLY one gun that respects the new Manganese recommendations : 0.02 mg/m3.


In industrial activities, many welders work in constant contact with a high level of manganese. A high level of manganese can alter the health of the worker. These health effects affect the nervous system and can cause slowness and clumsiness or may be the source of illness such as pneumonia.*


Tests carried out by an independent sampling company at a metal product manufacturer’s factory using strict welding parameters have demonstrated that the AIRGOMIG gun can meet these recommendations.


Protect the health of your welders in improving the air quality in your factory ! Because the health of your workers must be a priority.


Don’t hesitate to Contact us for a free trial !


The Airgomig Team


*(source : The agency for toxic substances & disease Registry)

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