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We provide efficient, durable, and cost-effective welding fume extraction solutions to prevent health risks for workers while helping companies comply with North American welding fumes standards.

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AIRGOMIG’s performance is unmatched for the results it can achieve in fume extraction and air quality. AIRGOMIG is the only fume extraction MIG gun that can reliably meet air quality standards, including the manganese maximum concentration in a welder’s breathing zone of 0.02 mg/m3. In addition, our team will help you meet applicable health, safety, and hygiene standards to ensure your employees work in a safe and healthful environment.

Our engineers have designed our whole product line specifically for welding fume extraction. AIRGOMIG combines efficiency and ease of use, while our fume extractors are tough and airflow optimized. Get rid of manganese, hexavalent chromium, ozone, and other harmful fumes and gas.


Innovation lies at the heart of our corporate strategy. AIRGOMIG’s parent company, Henlex, has been a pioneer in North America, providing welding fume extraction solutions since the 1980s. Since then, our team has never stopped designing products and developing innovative solutions. We have also owned multiple patents over the years.

In 2018, AIRGOMIG was born with the idea to develop and manufacture the best fume extraction MIG gun on the market. As a result, AIRGOMIG is more efficient and durable than any other gun. Its design also ensures porosity-free welds thanks to the three-position handle top vent and the distance between the welding point and extraction nozzle. Moreover, its innovative and ergonomic design, reduced weight, and ball joint make it very comfortable to use.


At AIRGOMIG, we develop superior-quality products made in Canada. As a result, we guarantee a reliable and long-lasting technology. Our MIG guns are designed to optimize service life, thus reducing operating costs. We also offer the best warranty in the industry.

The success of your project is our priority. Therefore, we will be with you along the way and treat you the way we want to be treated by our suppliers. We never give up until the results are entirely satisfactory for our customers. Protecting workers and helping companies meet health and safety standards is our mission, and we take it very seriously.

Proudly Canadian

Founded in 1954, Henlex is proud to offer products designed and manufactured in Canada with the highest quality standards. As a result, Henlex products have a reputation for exceptional quality and unequaled efficiency.

Henlex has always been involved in the industrial hygiene industry and, more specifically, in pollutants source extraction. Early on, our engineers have developed specific low volume high vacuum (LVHV) products and technologies to improve ways to control and extract emissions to protect workers.

In the early years and for a long time, Henlex has served multiple industries: metalworking, pharmaceutical, food, and fiber.

In the 1980s, Henlex was the first company to provide welding fume extraction solutions in North America and is now exclusively specialized in this industry.

In 2018, dissatisfied with the fume extraction MIG guns available on the market, Henlex’s president, Michel Gagnon, decided to start a new company called AIRGOMIG. The main goal was to reliably meet the new ACGIH recommendation regarding manganese concentration in welders’ breathing zone, which was impossible then. It took multiple prototypes to succeed, but the AIRGOMIG gun eventually reached that goal, as proven by tests performed by an independent firm. On top of the superior extraction, it also offers better ergonomics and is more durable than the competition. AIRGOMIG guns are designed and manufactured in Montreal.

Since then, Henlex and AIRGOMIG have helped hundreds of companies protect their workers from welding fumes and comply with applicable standards everywhere in Canada, the United States, and Central America.

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